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xtended is an anthology of six interconnected fictions about a future world transformed through extended reality technologies. These stories follow a cast of characters across multiple generations through new industries, new technologies, and age-old dilemmas of life and love.

We begin in an apartment. A debt-ridden performer animates real-time holograms in a near-future gig economy, while a wealthy widower soothes his grief by recreating the figure of his dead wife. 

Two lovers find themselves on a therapists’ couch, counselled by an algorithm who predicts, with 99 percent accuracy, whether their relationship will survive.

A cynical recluse hoards her treasure trove of endangered ecosystems. A young physicist receives a world-altering transmission from the stars. 

A thousand years later, in a holy server room encircled by ice, a data priest grapples with what it means to live at all. 

The stories of xtended cross time and space, dipping in and out of the lives of diverse, flawed, loving, and relatable characters. These are tales that are set in the future - but xtended is really about the inevitable extension of today's realities. 



Bethany Edgoose + Nathan Su


Bethany Edgoose + James Vinson

3D Environments

Nathan Su

Series Producers

Bethany Edgoose, James Vinson, Mehrad Noori, Nathan Su, Robyn Paris

Trailer Voiced by

James Frain

Trailer Soundtrack + Sound Design

Sarah Su


2020 | New Images XR Projects Showcase | Official Selection


Inferstudio + From the Hearth

IS-05 | 2022 | Literary Anthology + Series Concept
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