Vital Networks



In the 21st century, we increasingly understand our world in terms of flows. People, information, and money are flowing across borders with rising speed and intensity, transforming our world into a networked society. Flows of migrants create multicultural workforces, flows of information let us communicate across vast distances, and flows of money lock previously distinct economies together in webs of interdependence. These flows have been emerging across centuries. However the proliferation of digital technologies has vastly accelerated the growth of international connections.

This proposal suggests a system of international telemedicine that allows migrant health workers who have worked in OECD states to return to their countries of origin, but continue to provide health services to patients abroad. It is a proposal that contributes towards both international development goals, and national healthcare reform in both developed and developing economies.

This solution lies at the convergence of global flows and positions return migrants as global entrepreneurs capable of exploiting technological developments in order to support both themselves and their globalised communities.

The Vital Networks proposal outlines this system in depth; introducing the design and functioning of the Vital telemedicine application  and providing case studies of the roll-out and effects of the system in Nigeria and the UK.






Bethany Edgoose, Nathan Su, Marielle Welander, David Jonas



2nd Place, Geneva Development Challenge, 2015