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Through Leviathan's Eyes

With AA Diploma 9

IS-02 | 2017 | Design Speculation + Short Film

Created in the year of Brexit and the election of President Trump, we examined the functioning of media echo-chambers, asking how the social technologies that currently polarise and blind us, could somehow bind us together.

Through Leviathan’s Eyes’ is an optimistic, speculative glimpse into a world where reality is constructed collaboratively. The film is a non-narrative tour through a near-future condition of ‘cityness’ imagining a rewriting of technological priorities; turning the blinding drive for personalised reality into a truly mixed reality. Here, the unstable, ever-shifting, yet somehow intelligent collective composes space in a constant state of re-writing and over-writing, which every so often, coalesces into an urgent, moving obsession.

We have also long been interested in the potential of Augmented Reality to physicalise information, such as our individual online identities, or fluctuations in popular mood or opinion. AR use cases to date have remained within existing functions and services; wayfinding, advertising, gaming and entertainment. Inferstudio is exploring new applications for AR; we see the potential for this technology to meet the rise of big data and algorithmic decision making.

We have an opportunity to redefine our relationships with urban environments, to access and interact with the collective consciousness of the city - the urban organism. Through Leviathan’s Eyes is meant as an accessible introduction to these ideas, a contribution to the cultural groundwork for future social transformations.


Direction + Concept

Nathan Su


Bethany Edgoose + Nathan Su

Helen Robinett Oxley, Annabel Spinks-Jones, Charlie Sturgeon, Chong Yan Chuah, David London, Stefania Montesolaro

With Guidance from

Natasha Sandmeier + Manolis Stavrakakis

Project Support

Chong Yan Chuah, Nicholas Zembashi, Sebastian Tiew


2021 | Wall Print | Demo-Demo Exhibition - cityLAB UCLA
2020 | Official Selection | Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam
2019 | Official Selection | Lift-Off Genre Labs
2019 | Official Selection | Crystal Palace Film Festival
2018 | Honourable Mention | LA Underground Film Forum
2018 | Nominee | CGArchitect Awards (Student Film)
2017 | Finalist | Rookies Film of the Year (Visual Effects)
2017 | Exhibitor | Storey - RIBA Late Series
2017 | Exhibitor | Piran ‘Days of Architecture’ Exhibition
2017 | Silver Medal Nomination | RIBA President’s Medal

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