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A0k1verse x OnCyber | Metaverse

CC-13 | 2022 | Design + Worldbuild + 3D Environment + VFX + Editing

We were invited by music producer and DJ Steve Aoki to develop a series of virtual architectures for his online community 'The A0K1VERSE'. Conceived as a series of floating structures, each Skypod is a suspended virtual residence and gallery space which can be experienced as an in browser multiplayer environment running on the OnCyber platform. We developed six unique pod designs based on three spatial variants as well as custom furniture and materials for each. 

The pods are suspended at various heights, voyaging through a surreal stratosphere.

See the OnCyber platform here:


Concept + Direction

Bethany Edgoose + Nathan Su

3D Artists

Nathan Su + Juan Viamonte


Bethany Edgoose

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