Resurrecting the Sublime

Short Film

Commissioned by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg


“Could we ever again smell flowers driven to extinction by humans? This question motivates Resurrecting the Sublime, an ongoing collaboration between artist Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, smell researcher and artist Sissel Tolaas, and an interdisciplinary team of researchers and engineers from the biotechnology company Ginkgo Bioworks, led by Creative Director Dr. Christina Agapakis, with the support of IFF Inc. Bringing together cutting-edge scientific research with immersive installations, the first in La Fabrique du Vivant at the Centre Pompidou in Paris (opening 18 February 2019), the project allows us to smell extinct flowers, lost due to colonial activity.”

- excerpt from project text by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

In collaboration with Daisy and her team, we shot footage of her studio in Somerset House London and edited this film documenting her extraordinary research into the experience of phantom flowers.


Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg




Sam Conran