Aisha's Asylum

Father says; “this is the story of Princess Aisha”. We’re crouched in the basement, hands over our ears. “She is very brave in the face of danger”. There are loud noises overhead and the lights go out. “Aisha’s castle is besieged by dragons and she must escape.” “They set the sky on fire”, I whisper, finding his hand in the dark. Father says, “Get your bag, its nearly time”.  It’s already on my back, the straps dig into my shoulders.

Princess Aisha speaks an enchantment, to make her bag as light as a feather.

A shout from outside. “Come on - your uncle’s here”.

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This piece was written for the 2017 Architectural Fairytales Competition and was awarded an Honorable Mention. With this work, we experimented with the role of fantasy as a tool of emotional engagement, overlaying two layers of fantasy one atop the other; the story itself, and the story-within-the-story, the tale of the Princess Aisha - a tale whispered internally by Aisha herself, a little girl journeying from her war-ravaged home, to a chaotic refugee camp, and beyond.