After the Fire

After the Fire.jpg

The shadows of the early morning are long and blue. Flecks of grass and rock and plastic litter the earth, a burned earth - burned from a fire that not so long ago raced across the ground and licked at the base of trees; Eucalyptus gums, their trunks charred and laves burned away. The fire has left its mark - but this is part of life for many small communities in the Australian bush.

Inferstudio set this speculative design for a private home amid its surroundings depicted at a time of regeneration. The home itself promises a new way of life for the people who will live there, a life that is synchronous with the struggle and beauty of the countryside that surrounds. We aimed to capture a sense a peace and possibility in this scene. The scene was created from a 3D model of the home, which Inferstudio rendered, animated, and graded.

Services provided by Inferstudio: Design, Modelling, Animation, Lighting, Colour Grading