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The Underground

Looksrare x OnCyber | Metaverse

CC-14 | 2023 | Design + Worldbuild + 3D Environment 

The mainstream. The standard. The everyday. We may think we know our ‘normal’ realities because they are all encompassing and we rarely have reason to look beneath their surface. But do we know what lies hidden below?


We were invited by the digital marketplace Looksrare to design a custom, immersive metaverse gallery. A room within a room, The Underground is a dichotomy between the aesthetic of everyday life, and the unseen mysteries that lie beneath. Our proposed design is divided into two arenas; ‘the overworld’ - a space of surreal normalcy - and ‘the underworld’ - a space of counter-cultural mystery. There, digital artefacts are presented as otherworldly treasures, spotlit in an otherwise lightless room, sending reflections rippling over the ankle-deep water covering the floor.


To find the artefacts that Looksrare displays, visitors must plunge from the surface world to the gallery below, via a dark pit that hints there are yet many more layers to this underworld. They may undertake this journey time and again - or, they may find the door to a short-cutting portal.


See The Underground at OnCyber here: 


Concept + 3D Design

Nathan Su

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