Inferstudio is a design and media practice that reveals and crafts narratives of human societies through a diverse range of time based media and 3D environments. 

Through film, exhibition, online media and writing, we aim to build worlds that propose and provoke, investigating problems and opportunities on our shared technological, cultural and environmental horizons. There are stories that could, so we believe, reveal hidden conditions and challenge existing assumptions about the futures for our technologies and our urban environments.


We operate under the conviction that rich and frequent thought-experiments can work as testing grounds for new or imminent realities; equipping those who venture out to shape the future. Designers, policy-makers, forecasters, inventors, and artists - alike, we face increasingly uncertain horizons in a world that is both better controlled, and more immediately in peril than ever before. 

We bring to all our work a uniquely inter-disciplinary lens. We bring knowledge, experience and skills in architecture, anthropology, international development, cyber security, mixed reality, and film-making.

The Anthropocene has brought with it an abundance of media artifacts, recordings of today’s mythologies; collective fears, ambitions, desires and habits. From these, we attempt to infer cultural priorities, trends and inter-dependencies. We then build worlds and scenarios that present our findings and speculations, representing these through time-based media.


We shoot and edit films, 3D model, animate, and render to create content that embraces both visual spectacle and techno-cultural critique. Our studio strives to stay up to date with current technological trends, techniques and risks, so that we can work flexibly, using the most appropriate tools for any given project, but also to inform our speculations on how these same technologies will soon reshape our lives.

We are engaged in research and discussion on AR, VR, MR, AI, real-time rendering and digital modelling. We are also involved in education, having taught courses in design, media and animation at the Architectural Association, The Bartlett UCL, and Strelka.


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Bethany Edgoose is a digital anthropologist who investigates the impact of emerging technologies on socio-economics through research and speculation. She has worked as a researcher in nuclear-security and international relations agencies in London and Melbourne, and leads a global cyber-security reporting team. In 2012 she spent time developing income-generation projects in Uganda. In 2015, she led ‘Vital Networks’; a project on International Telemedicine that was awarded 2nd place for the International Development Geneva Challenge. She has taught in the AA Summer School, and studied international development at RMIT University, graduating with distinction from the M.Sc in Anthropology and Development at the LSE.

Nathan Su is a speculative designer who works with film and animation. He has worked in architecture in Melbourne and is also a project coordinator for Forensic Architecture in London. He has taught at the Architectural Association as a tutor for Intermediate 3, Media Studies and the AA Summer School. He has also run short workshops in film/digital media at the AA and the Bartlett (UCL). He studied architecture at the University of Melbourne and the AA, receiving the RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarship and AA Diploma Honours.


Airview Productions

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg Studio



The Architectural Association School of Architecture

The Future Laboratory


2019 - Official Selection, Lift-Off Genre Labs - ‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’

2019 - Official Selection, Crystal Palace Film Festival - ‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’

2018 - Honourable Mention, LA Underground Film Forum - ‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’

2018 - Nominee, CGArchitect Awards (Student Film) - ‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’

2018 - Exhibitor, RA Summer Show - 'Luyong Poli, from 27 Years of Lazarian Delights' (Chong Yan Chuah - Past Director)

2018 - Finalist, Rookies Film of the Year (Visual Effects) - 'Through Leviathan's Eyes'

2017 - Exhibitor, Storey - RIBA Late Series - ‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’

2017 - Exhibitor, Piran Days of Architecture Exhibition - ‘Through Leviathan’s Eyes’

2017 - Silver Medal Nomination, RIBA President's Medal - 'Through Leviathan's Eyes'

2017 - Official Selection, Kinofilm Manchester Festival - 'The Island of Made-In'

2017 - Official Selection, Earls Court Film Festival - 'The Atlas of False Desires'

2017 - Best Short Film, Sci-Fi London - 'The Atlas of False Desires'

2017 - Finalist, Frostbite International Film Festival - 'The Island of Made-In'

2017 - Honourable Mention, Fairytales, Blank Space - 'Aisha's Asylum'

2015 - 2nd Place, Geneva Challenge, The Graduate Institute Geneva - 'Vital Networks'